Blitz Reviews: Ava’s Possession (2015), Rubber (2010), He Never Died (2015)


Ava’s Possession (2015)

Ava’s Possession is a tight little whodunit wrapped up in a post-possession narrative set in a surprisingly expansive story world. The choice to focus on the period after possession already makes this story a unique narrative and automatically sets it up as a self-reflexive parody of this slice of the Horror genre.

While not the best written nor the best acted, Ava’s Possession does keep you guessing to the very end what transpired during and prior to Ava’s possession-induced fugue state. There are also some clever tongue-in-cheek moments like the spiritual AA meetings for the recovering possessed, that earn a snigger or two even if the gags don’t win you over with outright guffaws.


He Never Died (2015)

Main protagonist, “Jack” (not his real name… trust me, you’ll recognize it when you find out), is a sympathetic monster with A LOT of backstory. In fact he has so much backstory they’re trying to turn this little film into a TV series. According to Billboard’s interview with lead actor Henry Rollins, the film is supposed to be an extended pilot to help them make the case for funding and support for a TV show.

All my fingers and toes are crossed for this one because it looks promising if they manage to tread the fine line between horror and humor. The apathetic lead’s bathetic sense of humor leads to many darkly funny moments doused in buckets of blood and I’m more than curious about his trunk of curios with the potential to get spun into seasons worth of episodes that span across genres and time periods.


Rubber (2010)

An absurdist horror flick about a killer tire exploding heads à la Cronenberg’s Scanners, is on the loose. But the tire could stop killing and the police want to stop investigating if only the spectators would just politely stop watching.

This film casually flirts with the idea of breaking the fourth wall in an acutely aware presentation of style over substance to the point where sometimes you wished there was a bit more substance. Not a film for everyone but still a fun watch though with the right group of friends, and some alcohol to whet an appetite for the absurd.